#EverydayIsHalloween … *evil laugh*

This is amazing!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as me 😀 XD
Trick or treat – FOREVER

Finding Faeries

Happy Friday! I finished all my morning running amok and am prepared to attempt another short story keeping with the challenge set by the Midnight Society, which you can read here and JOIN IN THE FUN!

Today’s word… drumrollllllll …


And how the heck is that scary? A sugar high? Cavities at the next dental visit? As frightening as the thought of drills and gloved hands sticking needles in my gums are, I think I’ll go a different direction. Let’s see where my twisted mind goes… shall we?


Dark eyes stare at me through the holes of my mask. Black eyes. Frantic eyes.

“Trick-or-treat.” The whisper sends shivers racing along my spine.

I tug the mask from my face, the cool air a shock.

An old woman shifts nervously on her feet, her shoulders hunched, a plastic pitchfork clutched in one hand. Devil horns peek out of her wispy white hair. “Trick-or-treat.” An evil cackle trickles from…

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