I’m So Bored

I am REALLY bored. I’m probably boring you too, imaginary people. Lol, I’m not crazy, I just hope that someone is reading.

I don’t know what to do. It’s 2 in the morning, I’m watching Family Guy, an I’M BORED!!!!!!!!!!

Is anyone one at this time? Probably not. I will use this as a diary, but not all that ‘Dear Diary’ Crap. I write casually. In Family Guy, Peter’s dad is working at Happy Go Lucky Toys Inc., where Peter works. He does his job super-fast, and is hired immediately. Peter’s dad then fires Peter. Peter goes after the Pope. Lois is TOTALLY at awe when she finds he’s kidnapped the Pope. There’s then a flashback where Peter opens the door of a plane and it crashes and you here his laugh – hehehehehehehehe. The pope tells him it only matters what he thinks. Peter talks to the Tin Man and Scarecrow, when he’s meant to speak to the Pope. Peter’s dad sees the Pope and says he’s stupid because the Pope calls Peter good, and that he has the patience of a saint.

Peter’s dad says he loves him with all his heart, but doesn’t like him. Peter says the same back. Peter gets his job back, and the Pope gives his Dad a job, as his BODYGUARD!!! HOW FUNNY!

Peter’s mum arrives, looking for a place to stay, and they go ‘INTO THE POD‘ , which I think blasts them into space. I was watching while writing and lost the plot a bit (Ha Ha)

Continued – Now watching American Dad

This episode is called Office Spaceman – Where Roger sells pictures of himself – the alien – to a reporter.

The program starts with the normal song, but Stan sees the paper and it’s a pic of Roger. Roger says someone must have saw him – ’cause he was drinking. You then see him burst into the reporter’s office. Stan’s boss sets Stan in charge of the alien task force. The news report reads ‘ALIEN SEEN AGAIN’

Roger speaks to a bird, saying HE’S a pretty princess, not the bird. Roger says Stan’s lips are puffy. Roger promises not to leave the house, and to take no more CANDID pics.

The next scene, Francine throws out a (black) girl. She says she is not comfortable having ‘Their kind’ In her house. Steve and Hailey see. Roger goes to the news office, and people from the CIA burst in. Roger is the boss of Stan, and calls him Mortimer James. He calls himself Parker Peters.

Roger completely abuses his position in the CIA, spending loads! Stan reports him, and they find he is the alien (they think Stan is) so they try and take him apart. Stan exposes Roger. Stan frees Roger.


Steve and Hailey bring black guys home, and find that it is not blacks, but lefties that Francine hates.

Steve and Hailey go to the orphanage Francine’s from. They found she was forced to be a rightie when she’s a leftie. They make her use her left hand, and she cuts Steve’s throat. The episode then finished.


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