Gangsta Granny: By David Walliams

Gangsta Granny was David Walliams’ first book. The book is about a boy named Ben, his ‘Gangsta’ granny and his parents, who are obsessed with the TV show ‘Strictly Stars Dancing’. His mother is obsessed with the dancing star, Flavio Flavioli, and his father watches on, mesmerised with the complicated steps of the dancers.

At one of his daily stays at his granny’s house, Ben discovers that, in an old biscuit tin, his granny has been hiding a very strange collection. There is a wide range of precious jewels and stones in Granny’s biscuit tin!

What is Ben’s Granny’s secret? What will she do┬áif she finds out about it?

I hope you will be reading this book as I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even on the blurb, in the words of an 11-year old, he said

< This is the best book I’ve ever read! >